iPort LaunchPort

LaunchPort is the world’s first portable iPad wall docking solution with inductive charging. The LaunchPort for iPad consists of three parts. The Power Shuttle is a low profile case that plugs into the charging port of the iPad. It also has the round inductive charging port on the back. There are two docking options. One is a desktop stand and the other is a wall mount. Both are magnetic to hold the iPad to the base and provide inductive charging to the iPad. The wall mount attaches to a 2-gang wall box. It includes wire and a 1-gang plate that can be cut in above an existing power outlet. The included AC adapter plugs into the outlet and the new plate and powers the charger.

Base Station

LaunchPort Pic
The LaunchPort system consists of a Station and a Sleeve. The protective Sleeve slides onto iPad. There are two types of Stations: a BaseStation which can be placed on a table or counter and a WallStation which can be installed into nearly any surface.

Inductive Charging

iPad Inductive Charging
LaunchPort powers iPad via inductive charging. As soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to mount an iPad-in-Sleeve to a Station. Because magnets are inside the Sleeve, you can also mount it to any metallic surface.

Use iPad while it charges on a wall, table, or virtually anywhere else without cables and without fuss. Elevate what an iPad can do with LaunchPort.


iPort Wall Mount for iPad
LaunchPort’s elegant form fitting Sleeve also protects iPad. It’s ready for anything, whether in the house or in a commercial space like hotels, restaurants or offices.

Control Mount’s paintable bezel with a built-in theft-deterrent component blends into a variety of design motifs from residential to commercial. Low-profile, only 3mm from the wall surface.