Rachio Irrigation Systems

Know Your Climate

Schedules automatically adjust for changing seasons and your specific microclimate.
Predict the Weather

We watch for upcoming weather and save you water anytime we see an opportunity to do so.
Cycle and Soak

We eliminate runoff by breaking your schedule up to maximize your soil’s absorption rate.

Easy Install

Smaller, easier-to-install design. It takes up less space on your wall while allowing more space for wiring in the controller.
Easier Wi-Fi setup. Simpler connection process that no longer requires the ‘blinkup’ protocol.


You can now connect rain and freeze sensors for additional data while we provide a flow sensor connection for future functionality.

Integrates with...

Nest, Xfinity, IFTTT, Nexia, Control4, iControl, Alarm.com and Amazon’s Alexa

Adjust for weather, control your sprinklers from anywhere, track watering and precipitation, even review health reports for your yard.