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Audio System Tuning

We offer one-time and regular service packages to keep your audio equipment performing at its best.  We will:

  • Eliminate Feedback
  • Equalize Microphones & Speakers
  • Check connections and positioning
  • Check for and install firmware updates on Digital Mixing Boards
  • Health Check Report on System Components

Wi-Fi Network Diagnostic

If you are having problems with, or you are planning to upgrade or install, your Wi-Fi network we can help select the right tools for the job.  We will:

  • Perform a Health Check on existing router(s)
  • Map signal strength and identify dead spots
  • Test LAN signal quality and strength

System Design

Let our years of experience help you in designing the perfect system for your budget.  We can help you avoid costly mistakes on down the line and also help you identify areas of concern before they become an additional item on your budget.

Audio System Training

Regardless of your audio system, we can train your team and volunteers on the proper techniques.  How to handle feedback, setting the proper levels for bands and choirs, correct microphone location, and on and on.  Schedule your session TODAY!