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We use modern technology to make your home more comfortable and efficient.
We specialize in home automation, theatre, and remodeling. Our designs focus on seamless integration with your existing home without a high learning curve for you. Not only are we capable of building your kitchen/theatre/family room, but we are also certified to maintain all products used.

Applying Old School logic. . .

Too many apps, too many devices…. Technology has transformed our day-to-day lives tremendously since the turn of the century. But it has also tethered us to our devices as it freed us from our cubicles and TVs. We provide a variety of services that can greatly simplify your life.

We're Certified Nest Installers!

We install and sync your products for you. Also, you get the added protection of a FIVE Year Warranty by using a certified Nest installer.  GET AN ESTIMATE TODAY!  Learn More...

Install a Ring of Security

We offer the family of Ring products from the Award-winning Ring Doorbell to their floodlights and cameras.   Get your Ring of Security installed TODAY!  Learn More...

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Let us know if you have questions about a project or product.  Our highly-trained and friendly staff is waiting!

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