Efficiency equals Comfort

We understand that needs and budgets can vary quite a bit from one person to the next. Our trained staffed has the know-how to help you select the right products for your needs.

You can remotely control and automate lighting, heating, air-conditioning, shades, home appliances, curtains, irrigation, home entertainment…almost anything in your home. You can also optimize your energy consumption, without sacrificing your comfort.

Climate Control

Thermostats that can easily be integrated into your home network, allowing you to adjust the temperature in rooms of your home from a distance. The technology also allows you to activate scenes, setting in motion several actions such as adjusting the temperature and lighting, activation of safety and entertainment systems and more.


Smart sprinkler controller gives you the freedom to control your sprinkler from your mobile device. Cloud-based weather data and embedded software can help deliver 20%+ energy savings to your irrigation water bills. Available in 8 and 16 zone configurations.


Whether remodeling or new construction, the entire struture or just a room or two. Let us provide a cost effective solution and extend the life of your existing HVAC system.

Low-Voltage System

Incorporating Low-voltage lighting and other devices can provide long-term savings in electricity usage and reduce construction costs.

Solar Systems

Retrofit your existing structure with a cost-effective solar system design to reduce peak power usage and provide backup power.

Custom Built-ins

Reduce the footprint of your design by implementing space saving ideas for storage and mechincal systems.

Example Work:


Less AC Runtime


Less Water for Irrigation


Coolings Savings


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