Independent Living

Accessible Designs

Our products and services are designed to accommodate people with limited mobility.  ADA-compliant open floor plan designs, grab bars, lowered counters/seats, amplified phones, bed sensors…we have a wide variety of options to help you care for your loved ones.





Products and Tech

We carry digital health systems that improve safety and security, personal health, communication, cognition and more. Find improved quality of life with residential technology whether you have low vision or blindness, hearing loss, or impaired mobility, or you’re simply enjoying your golden years.

Automatic Doors

Amplified Phones


Bed & Wheelchair Sensors

Listening Devices

Wireless Monitors

Perfect Harmony

  • Extended Two Year Warranty
  • We Program It for You

Harmony Pro builds on the award-winning Harmony Elite to give you total control over your home entertainment and smart home devices.  Learn More...

We provide you with knowledgeable support and training to help you maximize your enjoyment.  We are experienced with all aspects of your project from installation to operation so that you get the project that you want with the lowest learning-curve possible.

Increase Efficiency

Turn on the sprinklers only when needed. Turn up the thermostat when you leave.  Monitor electricity or get an alert when it is time to change the filter in your air conditioner. Save energy, Save money.  Learn More...

Install a Ring of Security

We offer the family of Ring products from the Award-winning Ring Doorbell to their floodlights and cameras.   Get your Ring of Security installed TODAY!  Learn More...

We're Certified Nest Installers!

We install and sync your products for you. Also, you get the added protection of a FIVE Year Warranty by using a certified Nest installer.  GET AN ESTIMATE TODAY!  Learn More...

Have A Question?

Let us know if you have questions about a project or product.  Our highly-trained and friendly staff is waiting!